Karma Feinstein Cohen

Executive Director of World Magshimey-Herut and World Herut

Karma Feinstein-Cohen is the Executive Director of World Magshimey-Herut and World Herut which she founded in 1999.

Since then, Ms. Feinstein Cohen has worked tirelessly to advance the movement’s goals both worldwide and in Israel. Long committed to the ideology of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, she previously served in various leadership positions within Betar for over eleven years. After serving as the Education Coordinator for Betar Israel and as the Regional Coordinator for the Settlement Region, Ms. Feinstein-Cohen became Head of the Overseas Dept. for World Betar Executive and then Treasurer in 1994. Through the WZO, she headed up the “Manof” program for high-risk communities, run by the department of “youth and halutz” in the WZO and worked as a short-term Shaliach in 1996 and 1997. She also operated as the co-chair for the council of World Zionist youth movements (1998-2000).

Ms. Feinstein-Cohen moved to Israel from New Jersey with her family when she was 11. After serving in the Israeli army, she received her B.A. in political economics from Tel Aviv University. She now lives in Shaarey Tikva with her husband and two children.

Ms. Feinstein Cohen is a WZO representative on the Board of Directors of the “Council to Perpetuate the Memory of Ze’ev Jabotinsky” in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

Ms. Feinstein-Cohen is a member of presidium of the Zionist General Council of the WZO and has been a Jewish Agency committee member since 2002. Since October 2016 she serves as a Board Member.


Dalia Pikovsky

Chairwoman of World Herut and World Magshimey Herut

Dalia Pikovsky was one of the founders and orchestrators of the New Herut Party serving as MK Michael Kleiner’s Cheif administrator.  Dalia facilitated the establishment of World Herut and World Magshimey Herut and the management of both movements.


Rabbi Moshe Ben Avraham

Rabbi Moshe Ben Avraham is the chairman of Magshimey Herut North America. After receiving his ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary International, Rabbi Moshe dedicated himself to returning “lost Jews” to their Jewish roots and community building. In 2014, Rabbi Moshe founded Congregation Yeshivat Tzion, a Synagogue in Kokomo, Indiana. Rabbi Moshe founded a food pantry in his Synagogue that feeds hundreds of families weekly and works as a prison chaplain. Fundamental to Rabbi Moshe’s spiritual ideology is Zionism and supporting the State of Israel. Seeking to deepen his congregation’s understanding and connection to Zionism and the State of Israel, Rabbi Moshe established a bond with the Herut movement to bring the movement to Kokomo.


Yirmiyahu Danzig

Yirmiyahu Danzig has a B.A. in Homeland Security and Public Diplomacy from the IDC Herzliya. After working for the Israel advocacy organization, StandWithUs as their Community Outreach Coordinator in San Diego, Yirmiyahu made Aliyah in 2014; and as a full time student at the IDC, he began volunteering for the Herut movement during the campaign for the 37th World Zionist Congress. Yirmiyahu currently serves in the Israeli Border Police (Magav) as a Squad Commander, where he was named the outstanding graduate of his squad commander course as well as the outstanding squad commander for C Company of the Jerusalem Brigade for the year 5779.

Joshua Goldstein

Chairman of Herut North America

Joshua Goldstein is the chairman of Herut North America and a board member of the American Zionist Movement on behalf of Herut. Joshua was a delegate at the 36th and 37th World Zionist Congress. Professionally, he holds a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and has been a practitioner for over 16 years. Born and raised in the New York/New Jersey Jewish community, Joshua experienced first hand the painful divisions within American Jewry. Joshua’s commitment to reviving a meaningful sense of connection and relevance to each other in the greater Jewish community has inspired him to dedicate four years to the Herut Movement.

Moshe Phillips

National Director of the U.S. division of Herut North America

Moshe Phillips, a veteran Zionist activist and resident of the Philadelphia area, is National Director of the U.S. division of Herut North America – The Jabotinsky Movement.

His decades of pro-Israel work have included serving on the staff of the Philadelphia office of CAMERA; on the board of directors of Americans for a Safe Israel / AFSI; and as a candidate on the Religious Zionist Slate in the elections to the World Zionist Congress. Moshe studied in Moshav Nordiya and at Yeshivat Aish HaTorah, in Jerusalem. While in college, he was active in Betar and was editor of the Tagar national newsletter, The Challenger.

Moshe has been a guest on many talk radio programs and is among the founders of the history website SaveIsrael.com. His op-eds have been published by numerous newspapers and news agencies, including The Jerusalem Post, Washington Jewish Week, American Thinker, Jewish News Service, Arutz Sheva, Algemeiner, The Jewish Press, Connecticut Jewish Ledger, The Bulletin, Five Towns Jewish Times, Baltimore Jewish Times, and Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle. His research was cited by Caroline B. Glick in her 2014 book The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East.


D’Vorah Singleton

Logistics Director of the U.S. division of Herut North America

D’Vorah Singleton is a Member of Magshimey Herut Midwest and is a board member of the American Zionist Movement on behalf of Herut. She currently compiles and distributes the newsletter for Magshimey Herut Midwest and Congregation Yeshivat Tzion based in Kokomo, IN. She is the logistical liaison for conferences held in conjunction with Magshimey Herut over the past few years. D’Vorah also coordinates excursions to Israel and loves to teach about Jewish history.

D’Vorah has lived in Kokomo, IN for the past 31 years. After serving in the Military for 12 years, she received her license as a Residential Appraiser and continues to work. She lives in the cornfields of Indiana with her husband of 18 years and enjoys her four children and seven grandchildren.

Virag Gulyas

Herut North America Communications & PR Director

Virag Gulyas is a former diplomat to the EU, Communications consultant and journalist, who just earned her 2nd Master’s degree in Jewish Studies at Touro College, Manhattan.

As a woman who admits growing up around anti-Semite jokes and vibes, today she writes and speaks about her journey and is well-known for her raw honest blog, The Almost Jewish, both in the U.S., Europe and in Israel. As a loud pro-Israel voice, a Hungarian, and a non-Jewish Zionist, she has created a movement that aims to change the stereotypes about Israel and the Jewish people one day at a time.

She has been working on several high-profile educational and PR campaigns that helped to outburst the bubble of false narratives around Israel and pointing a finger on the falsification of history led by Palestinian Arab propaganda work (backed up by such organizations as the U.N.)

Speaker at IAC National Conference, Lincoln Center Synagogue, Yonkers, The University of New Haven, Rally Against Anti-Semitism( City Hall, Manhattan), World Magshimey-Herut Annual Conference

Featured in Israel News Talk, The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, Israellycool, JewishPress, Aish. com and Hungary’s major media outlets. Read her articles here!

Worked with such organizations as Artists4Israel, The Lawfare Project, Human Rights Voices, LiberateArt, Aish HaTorah, Americans for Safe Israel and people such as Ben-Dror Yemini, Ari Fuld (who lost his life in the recent terror attack in Israel), or the former Mossad agent,  Avner Avraham.