Making Jewish Unity the Next Big Cause

We have heard little about reaching out to Jews from one community to another but we have never made Jewish unity the next big cause. Every year there are interfaith Thanksgiving dinners, interfaith Passover Seders, and interfaith Tzedakah drives. While these efforts are good and are to be applauded, it serves to highlight the lack of inter-denomination outreach. That we have a plethora of causes is great. However, we have become so specialized in our Jewish streams and practices that we have lost contact with one another in a larger communal sense. Making Jewish unity the next big cause is the road we need to start traveling down.

Making “Jewish Unity” the next big cause, means we need to have inter-denominational thanksgiving dinners, Seders and Tzedakah drives. If we bristle when it comes to one another, our brethren, we really need to take a second look.  Jewish unity is the next big cause, the forgotten and ignored cause that we ought to be concerned about. Reaching out to other streams of Jews, in unity, is needed to repair the family, and re-connect Jews with one another.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in defining ourselves by what we are NOT that we forget that we have a lot in common that can be used as the bridge that can connect us with others who all live in their own tents as Jews. Sure you will not agree with many things that other practice, but the idea of an interconnected community should supersede that. No one has to give up their religious practices in this effort but he or she will have to challenge themselves to get past the biases and prejudices they have for this or that Jewish group. That’s why we’ve name this initiative the Jewish Unity Challenge, because it is a challenge to you to find the commonality and not focus on the differences as we seem to default to. We may not make the newspapers or social media articles for an interdenominational outreach program, but we will start the effort in getting our house in order. Isn’t it about time we started talking about unity rather than continue the divisiveness that has categorized our nation since the ancient times? Our rabbis stated that the second Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred, Sinat Chinam. Can you say that this issue is not endemic in our ranks today? Making Jewish Unity the next big cause is the next thing we need to move forward with. Will you join the  Jewish unity challenge? Isn’t it about time we get our “house” in order?

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