Jewish Unity was not part of a recent Banana Republic sale markdown!

Going shopping can be an exciting affair. Even more so when there are a total of 70% off when you factor in the the 30% and the additional 50% off. (You know this feeling!)You see I went in with one of my fellow Herutnik after a long session of brain storming in New York City, held recently.

I went in to take a look at the khakis (because khakis are now “in” at the workplace). I ended up looking at a great zip up sweater, debating if the sale was worth it. I was getting all excited and trying on different sizes that I forgot about the khakis. Funny how stores do that to us!!!

There is nothing like getting a deal when shopping, and even better when the clothing are good quality and complement you. However, Jewish Unity was not part of a recent Banana Republic sale markdown! However, I never saw  any sale tags for Jewish unity, because no one is buying!

Without Jewish unity, we cannot really function as a people. We are so used to living  dis-functionally with the strife as part of the incessant chatter. We spend more time criticizing and pointing out what is wrong with this type of Jew or that type of Jew, on all sides of the spectrum of Jewish practice. Rarely do we look for things that unite us, not divides us.

The sad part is if there was a price tag for Jewish unity offered in Banana Republic, no one would get really excited by it. It would be passed by! Nothing would capture the imaginations of men and woman alike like a sale of clothing that Banana Republic does! Sadly, No one would buy it and even take it if it were marked down to 100% off, essentially free!

Jewish Unity was not and will not be part of a recent Banana Republic sale markdowns!

Isn’t it a shame that we forget to recognize that being Jewish is a blessing and with it an obligation to live by a higher moral code. With that higher morality, we ought to share our blessing with other Jews by acknowledging others for the simple fact that they are Jewish.

Each and everyone of us has our biases and our distastes. Can we not challenge ourselves to over come them? Do challenge your beliefs about other Jews! Practice acceptance of other Jews for what they are, Jews- and not what they aren’t. Cultivate the best qualities that you as a Jew are taught to bring with you as you go through  life. This then, is your personal challenge! Find things to agree with and things that unite Jews. Do not dwell on what divides us! Be on your best behavior!

Then no sale could compare to the energies we could unleash to solve our Jewish problems together.

Won’t you join us?

If you are sick of the strife and the bickering as I am, then join  me in the challenge for Jewish unity!


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