Jewish unity is not a Kumbaya movement as many would think. Jewish unity is a real concerted effort to unite Jews of all streams to form a real cohesive community.  It seems so simple but there are so many who would object to it and many reasons not to be united.

In the last 2,000, as a nation, we have failed to create lasting long term community, epseically since the appearance of different types of Jewish streams . Efforts to get Jews talking to one another has never  been easy (so much to criticize about!) especially Jewish people. It hasn’t been successful except in times of persecution and anti-semitism and physical threats. But rarely have we gotten together, consistently, for community building, or job opportunities or to save a failing shul or temple. It has always been an “us-against-them” scenario.

Making real connections, creating community, strengthening bonds of brother and sisterhood cannot be under-rated. Koreans, for example have strong networking and cohesiveness in their Sunday prayer services that continue on as as community based  luncheons, with business networking activity, and community building. Yet, we are not as nearly connected. Think of the benefits of the tighter network of Jews, could open up such opportunities in jobs, networking events, Tzedakah drives, and even learning events that could create more opportunities and enrich our lives. The benefits of such respectful unions cannot be understated, nor dismissed as a simple Kumbaya movement.

So many people have such great talent why not take this talent in education, technology, and ideas, to really help benefit our synagogues other Jews. You cannot get access to this if we keep ourselves separated and divided.

Our enemies are more organized, more prepared and even willing to die to blow up a few more Jews and their membership is endless!  They work to calculate and plan our destruction, as a people, on a day to day basis. Terrorist bombs do not care if you are religious or secular. If you re black or white, Bombs are ideologically and color blind.  We need to mend our broken connections by uniting, for both the treats of terrorism and for the sake of a interconnected community. We need to start working on the opposite end of the equation of hate and terror, and start connection our brethren in times of good and for the greater good  using all of our resources. We can learn a lot from what we ought to be doing by simply making ourselves aware of what a professional terrorist does!

Jewish unity is about making meaningful and lasting connections and helping us realize our true potential. Jewish unity is not a kumbaya movement

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