” Have you wanted to live and work in Israel? Not as a tourist. As if you were an Israeli citizen. Sign up for our internship program.

We design your personal program according to your interests. You provide us your interests, and then, we place you in an organization aligned with your passions. There, you will work for 25-40 hours a week. You will form valuable connections with others through your work, through the streets, and, through the land. We insure both your satisfaction with the program and the program’s influence on you with tireless service. We register you for Hebrew classes, we integrate you within a social ecosystem. “

Our program is unique:

We first ask that you send us your resume along with a completed short questionnaire. We will contact you by phone to learn more about what you’re looking for. Once we review your information, you will need to complete the Internship Application and submit a $250.00 US application fee.
Magshimey Herut is different from other organizations, as we do not accept application money until we review your material.

  • Proven academic or work experience in the field you intern
  • Jewish/Eligible for Law of Return Application Process
Step 1

Submit your resume to: office@worldmh.org.il

Step 2


Step 3

Initial screening with Magshimey Herut

Step 4

Interview with prominent organizations

Step 5

Pay the application fee

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you have regarding the program.