•  Are you looking for a world movement that makes a difference in the individual lives of Jews both in Israel and abroad?
  •  Want an organization that YOU feel is relevant and that you can easily connect with?
  •  Searching for a hands-on Zionist movement that reflects your values?
  •  Trying to connect with an organization that helps individual people, just like yourself?

 Introducing ……………………….HERUT North America!

You’ve probably landed here because you are a supporter of Israel but feel that you haven’t found an organization that you can relate to, or connect with. Or maybe, you are looking for a meaningful way to connect with Israel and  strengthen your Jewish identity.


1-Family style organization: Our organization is made up of people like you!  We provide personalized support for a wide variety of people and situations.

2- Volunteer Internship programs: Did you know that Herut is one of the few organizations that provide volunteer internship opportunities for college students and adults in Israel?  We match up leading businesses and companies to your internship preferences, tailoring the internship to your field of interest. If you are looking for a varied work experience or want to observe and experience the job market in Israel, this program offers a great opportunity for you.

3- Pre and Post Aliyah Support: We help new Olim (immigrants) in their pre-Aliyah and post-Aliyah process.

Anyone who has ever relocated knows how stressful the process can be. Simply, packing and finding a reliable mover pale in comparison, however, to transferring to the other side of the world to a country whose language, culture, and bureaucratic system is completely foreign.

Unfortunately, a significant number of olim chadashim (new immigrants to Israel) give up in frustration and return to their countries of origin.

To help make the transition easier, we have established a Department of Aliyah Assistance. With first-hand, on-site knowledge and experience, we help olim navigate through the absorption process. We can “show them the ropes,” whether it is to help write Hebrew resumes, accompany them to government offices, or inform them of immigrant entitlements, opportunities in higher education, ulpan (Hebrew language programs), army service, and medical plans.

Aliyah can and should be a positive experience. We are determined to help Olim quickly and successfully integrate and prosper as productive citizens in Israeli society.

4- Educational Trips: We run trips for youth to come and experience the richness of Israel and get immersed in its culture and history. Jewish Zionist identity is thereby strengthened through these trips.

5- Leadership Training:  Herut N.A. seeks out idealistic volunteers throughout the United States who are willing to give of themselves and their time, which identify with the objectives of the Movement and want to make a difference, in order to train them practically and idealistically for responsible leadership roles.

Our training consists of a wide curriculum of educational workshops aimed at developing leadership skills, public speaking, and “hadracha” (methodology) both in the United States and Israel.

6- Volunteers:  We pride ourselves that our positions are volunteer and that the money that people donate goes directly to fund activities.


7- Achdut Ha’am / Unity of the Jewish People: We work with ALL Jews, regardless of affiliation. Herut NA will initiate, promote and support the activities of social action groups which are consistent with the movements’ objectives.

What makes Herut North America different from the other Zionist organizations?

Activities- We do things!

We provide volunteer internships for students and adults in Israel to observe and experience the Israeli job market.

We offer individualized assistance in the Aliyah and absorption process. If you’ve hit a problem, call us; we are here to assist you! We specialize in solving specific individual Aliyah complications.

We run special education programs for young adults and adults.

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